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Correct e-mail formatting 


America Online
AOL users often forget to include "@aol.com" after their screen name. If you are an AOL user, please remember that your Internet email address is "
screenname@aol.com". Furthermore, Internet email addresses cannot contain spaces; while this is allowed in sending email within AOL, it is not correct outside of AOL.

Compuserve identifiers are in the form 12345,1234; however, you cannot include a comma in an Internet email address. Compuserve has designed it so you can replace the comma with a period for this purpose. Furthermore, you must be sure to include your domain as well, so a properly formatted Compuserve Internet email address is "

Other Common Mistakes
As mentioned above, Internet email addresses must all include a domain (the part following the @ symbol) and should not include commas, spaces, colons, semi-colons, brackets, parentheses, or other such delimiters. Generally this would only include alphanumerics, periods, the @ symbol, the underscore, and the hyphen. Be sure to leave off angle-brackets that may appear around your email address in your mail client. If you are unsure of your email address, a technical support representative at your Internet Service Provider will be able to tell you.